The [Non]reinvention of work

So Lets get the necessary plugs out the way. I somehow entered myself into a blogathon. No idea what that is even meant to mean. I mean the whole concept of a bunch of disparate people all sitting down in a room writing on what I presume are pretty similar topics is a bit of a weird one. I thought the whole point of a blog was so that you could pour your heart out to the world and not have them all around at the exact point in time to laugh in your face. Why then would you want to add people to this mix? My misanthropic self thinks they should have let us do this from home and then just EFT’d me my winnings.

Anyway I have kinda wandered off the garden path here. This whole vibe was sponsored by The Common Room (my friend Tabby works here and invited me and my stupidly high levels of curiosity, and wanting to help a mate out are a strong pull), as well as  Elance, which is a kind of on-line freelance marketplace thing I guess (I really probably should have done more research before arriving).

This whole thing is kind of in aid of my topic for the night “ reinvention of work”. Both Elance and The Common Room want you to give your boss the finger and go it alone; Work from home; Say a thousand times nay to working between 10 and 5 (Capetonian times, up here in the orc pits of Joburg  we start work at 8).

Another detour, before I got here I had a bit of a rant at one of the poor organising ladies how these kind of competitions had the potential to be super evil, and take advantage of us poor freelancers in the name of corporate greed. I also said I refused to do any corporate punts. How ironic that this is shaping up to be an almost PR piece. Tricksy hobbitses, playing off my inherent laziness, and the general human trend to latch onto the first related idea in front of them (citation needed).

The so called revolution of how we perceive work is not a new concept. Recently an article has been resurrected that explains how the whole concept of the 40 hour week is construct by the evil corporations to get us to buy junk food and expensive coffee.

Freelancers and contractors have for a long time been chanting out to all who will listen

“I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.”

(William Ernest Henley, )

It’s just now (as with everything) that somebody has decided to cash in on it all. Sparky (sparkies?) out there had a bit of a light bulb moment and thought “Hey! I can make money off Gary never wanting to leave the house” He claims its because he likes setting his own hours and that the fluorescent office lights will set off his epilepsy, but we all know it’s because he got laughed out the office for coming to work in slops and socks. “Who said socks with sandals isn’t cool?” You’re wearing Crocs right now aren’t you? With socks too I bet (although that might be okay I’m not so clued up on Crocs sartorial etiquette, if such a thing actually exists).

My mind really is all over the place. The point I’m getting at is that someone realised that hey, finding work as a freelancer is tough. It’s also not so easy to make sure you have things like internet when you might not know when your next meal is coming from because that big corporate you are charging through their nose still hasn’t paid you. ISPs unlike corporates don’t operate on a 30-60 day payment system.

A business that is dedicated to easing these problems really is a no brainer as a business model in a climate where the trend of hiring freelancers and contractors instead of permanent staff is on the rise. The fact of the matter is work is not being reinvented. Stuff still needs to get done, just as it always has and always will. Work is the same We can just do it from home now in our sandals and socks.



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