Reinvetion of work by Jabulile Hlatshwayo

Recently we leave in the world of diversity and new things, one of those have been the reinvention of work, were the modern crowd Tweets for freebies and invites to all the glam events and uses YouTube as a tool to spread the word, updates Facebook and Twitter for a living or just writes a bunch of content for a website or a certain publication. These are the new revolutionary writers, the bloggers the follow whoever seems worthy to follow on Twitter, mind you hitting Google to stalk you is just a matter of finding some info.

Years ago, people didn’t work as social media managers or UX designers, but sure enough these jobs exist today. With technology advancing at a breakneck speed every year, we presume that the job market is going to look drastically different ten years from now. This infographic looks at the past, present and future career paths of Gen Y’ers and Gen Z’ers, particularly looking at the skills you need and types of jobs in the future.


Social media platforms have transformed and built a revolutionary way of working, given many fancy job titles and creative way of survival. Transformed many to nerds and geeks with a variety of specialties

Its a world of writing and crashing into a lot of mind blocks – where sometimes words seems to be scares and typing is a steer into the screen of and all is a down and hills, more like what I am going through right now. Yes it is not as easy as it may seem. One has to be on the ball write a lot of things that do not make sense. Edit and rewrite – edit and rewrite.Working in the comfort of your new home and any restaurant or your favorite coffee shop is the new office and a plus is the free Wifi.

No in a thousand years have I thought that I would want to tap into that world, being a digital coordinator and going through social media and reading a lot of news articles on the net with a eagerness and enthusiastic mind to read or watch an interesting video about some bored teen who decided to post a Youtube channel called  “I never could stand rocket” . Who has over a two million likes and is turning into a Youtube sensation give him a couple of months and he will be earning millions with not billion from his channel.

Another growing sensation is App development, web developers, bloggers and more bloggers talking about different topics, from book reviews to food critics and restaurant reviewers. List is endless 20years from now we will be experiencing a world of new job titles. Possibly a way to get through in life. A world of the fast paces and finger on the keyboard rocketing through a speed of life.

” What the future holds for the young ones and more is a outburst of the new future. A world of little to no time to stop and ponder on our futures or on even what’s happening today and how our future will look. Love the infographic, as it provides a great visual on what’s ahead in terms of jobs and job requirements. It provides a lot of information for further research for those looking to make career changes or upgrade their skills for future career advancements. “

But if you’re looking for one trend to follow, follow the boomers. The best paying, fastest growing jobs will grow up around one of the richest and fastest growing segments of the population: the retiring Baby Boom generation.










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