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Reinvention of Work.

It has been said: work is the life of the Workaholic, yet another truth is, that work is the bane of the alcoholic and that is a fact, poor buggars, they are often So into work because they are so into party-ing and partying is Such an expensive hobby and to keep being in the life of every party, requires lot’s of money, for which it requires an inordinate amount of invention to keep In work, otherwise a post under a Braamfontein bridge will be your residence of choice before long.

Often it seems that Bacchus who created alcohol and taught his earthling cohorts how to produce it (more reinvented job titles) and luckily also what it was intended for and from there his following have been known as ‘pisscats’ .
The joke was mostly on him, because for some reason he seems to have endowed people with boozing tendencies, also to be born with an unusual sense of creativity.

When a drinker is required to perform a duty all you need to do is quietly inform him there will be a drink up afterwards and he will be finished first, he will have done it with the minimum of waste and he will more likely help one of the other guys to finish sooner so he will have a buddy to start the dop on the road.
reinvenventers, if only their livers could keep up the pace.

On a more serious note, prehistoric man created the word “ghkgock” which roughly translates to “work” or more correctly ‘work your arse off”.
What did the earth look like four million years ago? Who lived here? What did they look like?

Humans supposedly derive from the ape and are curious creatures. We want to know where we came from, in part, as a way of figuring out where we are going in the future and to chart the path we developed to re-invent work to see it as it is today.
Most of us, like our qualified archaeologists and pale-anthologists and anthropologists, ‘dig’ our forebears, not with spades in the ground, but as our mates, like- – -

Those work tool of ancient times, which (in ancient times) were tools of reinventing work per se and those items discovered from those millennia ago, are called ‘artefacts’ or ‘artifacts’.
BUT although they are ‘facts, they are very seldom ‘art’, mostly tools of a practical nature like tools for digging, building, clothing, care against the elements and weapons for safe keeping, which humans employed for treinventing “work” and their resultant survival, which in reality is the reason for us suckers still dong it

Unearthing those relics to create a history of our working ancestors is damned hard work! How ironic, while we intend learning about how those progenitors’ work, we probably worked harder than they did, while those scientists by themselves keep reinventing the job and finding more quality, more rare objet d’art, to in turn teach modern man how their forebears inadvertently have been teaching them in modern time, how to reinvent work as they go about.

One of the best known rockers (not the steel guitar kind), of his time is a name-sake of mine, also Fred, but Flintsone and in his cartoons we have seen so many humorous references to many tricks of the work trade in his life, mostly also of the short-cut qualities like the earlier boozers who have done so much to reinvent work.
That same Fintstone was also not to well spoken and often mixed word meanings. He had not choice but to work on the rock quarries and couldn’t stand it and his famous wordmix ‘rock’ and ‘rocket’, therefore he was often heard to shout: “I never could stand rockets!!!”

Keep inventing, keep reinventing.


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