The way that I see it, being a freelancer is happiness. Maybe you don’t agree with me, but give me a chance and lets have a look at it from my perspective.

“Freelancer” comes from the two words “free” and “lancer”. I had a look at the actual meanings of these two words. Yes, they made some sense, but they also didn’t really explain what I was trying to bring across:

Free – “not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.” and “not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpededIsn’t being a freelancer”

Lancer – “a soldier of a cavalry regiment armed with lances”

And then I had a look at Urban Dictionary for the more favourable meanings of these words. Look what I found:

Free – “Anything with a hidden or obvious fee.”

Lancer - “A powerful wizard family. A Lancer is gifted with high skils in combat. You can never defeat a lancer!”

Hmmm! I quite like these alternate meanings. Makes my story that much more….. Believable! Interesting! Fun!?

Let us quickly recap on what we’ve learnt. The meaning of “free” is anything that comes with a fee, including us. Ok, I like this! Of course, as freelancers, we come with fees, be it obvious or not.

The meaning of “lancer” is to be powerful, skilful and undefeated! It even links us to Wizards! We are magical!

Knowing the actual meaning of the word “freelancer”, brings me, a freelancer, happiness! Doesn’t it bring upon the same feelings in you, as a freelancer? If not, maybe this will.

There are not many jobs out there that can bring you such happiness, than that which being a freelancer can. A freelancer can:

- work at any hour of any day, as long as their brain is functioning (and the internet)

- work in the comfort of their own home

- wear sandals with their socks, when all other shoes are in the wash. “Who said socks with sandals isn’t cool?”

- choose whichever job, whichever subject and whichever price they please.

- take “sick” day, a “sick” week, a “sick” year (if they are able to afford it)

The moral of the story here is that the key to happiness as a freelancer is in actual fact to be a freelancer. I stand corrected! Its to be an EXCEPTIONAL freelancer!!!! Unfortunately, if you are not great, you won’t receive work and therefore no money. Without these, one can become a pretty miserable soul, and so…. Unhappy!



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